Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beaches and Ballgames (Your Typical High School Weekend)

This past Friday, I went to a football game...
...and not just any football game, my first high school football game. ever.
I apologize for the severe lack of pictures, I promise to have more the next time around!

We started the night off watching our team kick butt against a little rural farm school from the middle of nowhere. They tried to hold their chins high as they watched their team fall into the clutches of the Rebels, but they just didn't stand a chance.
Also, as Freshman, we were confined to the upper rows of the bleachers, packed in tighter than sardines. But eventually the chilly, windy night began to set in, and we started to be pretty grateful for all that body heat.
Plus we won 24-14, so score.
Anyways, I only managed to snap one photo, and it may just win the title "Katie's worst photo of 2013"
 photo null_zps6a4aed41.jpg
I promise, I promise I'm not usually that awkward-looking. Oh wait, yes I am.

Oh, and by the way, a friend I went to middle school with was having a slumber party that night, and I had told her I was going to shoot over to her house the second the game was over.
But there's a frozen yogurt shop five blocks from my school, so of course I just had to stop by, right? I mean everyone was going. I'm a horrible person.

Nevertheless, I did eventually manage to show up at my friend's house. At 11pm. 3 hours late.
 photo d73a37d9-3806-4866-a730-805373fc7319_zps05126ac2.jpg
But hey, the party don't start 'till I walk in anyways.

The next morning, most people went home, but one other friend and I got to go with the birthday girl to Virginia beach. Not to mention the fact that while it was warm and sunny there, we were going to be skipping town on the coldest, rainiest day of the week, so extra points!

Again sorry for the lack of pictures, but basically we spent the entire day boogie boarding and sun soaking, so eventually we were bound to get hungry, right? We went to grab a slice at a little pizza joint across the street, but we were silly enough to walk their in our bikini tops! Clearly we forgot about the "no shirt no shoes no service" rule. Thankfully a T-shirt shop next door was selling shirts for $2 a piece, plus they had free saltwater taffy! Random right? Funny how things work out. After we decided our pizza wasn't quite filling enough, we decided to pop into the Ben n' Jerry's next door...
 photo null_zps11be6671.jpg
Beaches, pizza, and cookie dough ice cream. It just doesn't get any better than this.
Is it bad that an oatmeal cookie was the healthiest thing I ate that day? Nah. Totally worth it.

Eventually we had to get back to reality, since we all had our textbooks to read and quizzes to study for. Leave it to high school to ruin your fun.
We left just in time though, because that was right when all that rain that had been hitting back home finally rolled in!

Another football game this weekend, and more pictures are promised to follow!

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