Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eagle Huntin' and Pumpkin Pickin'

Sorry I've been somewhat off the grid this past week...a girl's life can only be so interesting. In case you haven't read Neal Schusterman's series Unwind, I would highly recommend giving it a go, especially if you loved Divergent and/or the Hunger Games! The third book in the Unwind series came out this week, and I've spent the past few days holed up on the sofa, completely absorbed. I had read somewhere that the book had to be split into two because it was so long, and I could definitely tell. Virtually none of the conflicts were resolved, and quite honestly the ending felt more like it should be the middle of the book, which makes sense in a way.
Anyways, I finished all 400-some pages just in time for yet another football game. Because what else is there to do on a Friday night in suburban Virginia? This time though, I wasn't going to cheer on my fellow rebels. I'm enrolled in an accelerated program that isn't at my zoned high school, and all of my friends go to the school that just happens to be our biggest rival. Nevertheless, I thought I'd risk stopping by their homecoming game to do some under-cover eagle hunting ;).
I almost wore one of my Rebel shirts, but realized I'd probably get beaten up by the upperclassmen. 
The game started off with a homecoming parade. Nothing impressive, but I did get some quality catch-up time with my friends. 
I know it looks like we're in the middle of the road, but I promise you we were sitting on the median, and traffic was stopped anyways! 
Since it's an unspoken rule that you aren't supposed to play a good football team for your homecoming game, they took on a urban school from an hour away. Their fan base was very impressive:

A whole 30 people, folks. And about 20 of those are the band, who have to come for a participation grade. 
We (not exactly "we," since I'd never call myself an Eagle fan, but the side I was standing on) won 23-12, and the fact that this team managed to sneak in 12 points says a lot about the Eagle's football team. No wonder we beat them last week. Anyways, while it was nice to see my old friends again, the game itself was pretty dull, since I didn't have an attachment to either team. 

But I did take some sexy Snapchats :)
I don't know about you guys, but I completely count football games as exercise- that was exhausting! Standing for 3 and a half hours while wearing knockoff Keds turned out to be a bit more painful than I thought. You'd think I'd have learned by now. 
The next day started out with a "nutritious" breakfast at Waffle House (sidenote: they now display calorie information next to every item on the menu, and frankly I find it pretty depressing. If I'm going to Waffle House for breakfast, do you honestly think I want to know how many calories I'm eating?). I went for the usual, hashbrowns (drowned in ketchup of course) and a grilled chicken biscuit. If you ever find yourself sitting in a Waffle House, keep in mind that their biscuits are out of this world! 
Once we were back home, we had a couple hours to be productive (as productive as you can be on a Saturday morning), before pumpkin picking! 

Of course, no trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without ridiculous hats. How else are you supposed to find everyone in those endless fields? We got lots of compliments, thank you very much.
The whole group shamelessly kept their hats on the whole time, with one exception: 
But honestly, would you pass up the opportunity to dress up as two ghost riding in an apple-mobile? Me neither. 
In the fields, I came across this beauty sitting all by its lonesome, and I just had to snap a picture. 
After everyone had made their selections, we piled them into a wheelbarrow and went on our merry little way.
Ready to go!

But those poor pumpkins had no idea that they were about to be cut into ribbons.
Or rather, into jack o' lanterns! My masterpiece is the one on the right, and I'm pretty impressed with my handiwork if I do say so myself. But since it's only the middle of October, I'm 90% sure these babies aren't going to last until Halloween. Oh well, there's always next year! 

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