Saturday, August 31, 2013

About Me

Hi there!
Welcome to The Kat in the Hat! I'm Katie, Kat, Kathryn (I respond to all three ;)).

Yup...that's me in a nutshell-I also love the beach, as you can see below

I really, really love the beach

I have a passion for food, nutrition, and cooking, and I promise to provide you with recipes that range from completely guilt-free to absolutely sinful!

Sometimes they don't exactly work out... (the product of my 14th birthday party)

Other times they work out quite nicely :)
(Just let the record show that my best friend and I made these in seventh grade, and they are a result of 6 hours of pure torture. And yes, the snowman next to Santa is sleeping on the job. Such a shame.)

Navigating the pages on my blog:
About: You're here! Congrats
Blogroll: Blogs I love, and hope you will too!
Food: Recipes and other food-related goodness
Health: Fitness and nutrition
Home Page: Self-explanatory 
Life: Posts about my (incredibly exciting ;)) daily life
School: Everything you need to survive the worst four years of your life (yay high school!)

Want to get in touch with me?
Comments, questions, concerns, business inquiries, and anything else you want to share with me can be done so by emailing

I don't have any sort of mailing address or P.O. box to share with you at the moment, but I'm working on getting that changed as quickly as possible!

Have a great day, and happy reading! xoxo :)

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