Saturday, August 31, 2013


You know that feeling when you find something after you've spent forever looking for it? Well that's the feeling I get when I find a new blog to follow. I'm fairly picky about them, so it takes me a while before I find one that I truly love. So far, these are the blogs that I follow, and I'm obsessed with every one of them!

The Bloggess. Author of "Let's Pretend This Never Happened," Jenny is absolutely hilarious! I swear this woman is secretly a five year old, because this blog is wonderfully immature. When I first discovered it, I spent the entire day scrolling through page after page of posts. My personal favorites are her conversations with her husband, Victor. Also, make sure to check out her story about Beyonce the chicken-I couldn't stop laughing!

The Londoner. A ridiculously chic blog about a lovely woman living in London, I'm a little obsessed with this one. I haven't yet made her infamous Slutty Brownies, but something tells me I'll be whipping up a batch in the near future ;). Seriously, Rosie is a wonderful person and a great writer!

 Humans of New York. I have a strange fascination with the big apple, meaning this website is a good way to waste away the entire day. Brandon photographs people from all walks of life living in New York City, posting a simple interview with each one. This blog is incredibly moving and inspirational, and I made an entire post on it here. 


College Prep. I love Carly! She is a classy, preppy college student who describes herself as a "quirky, type A workaholic" which fits her perfectly! Her blog is great for DIY tips, style inspiration, and everything in between

Goldfish Kiss. Style, beauty, DIY, and fitness, Rebekah has a great blog about her life in Hawaii, but has recently moved to Seattle (quite the change!) Even though she doesn't live on the beach anymore, her blog is great for some tropical vacation-inspiration!


Eat Yourself Skinny. I have made sooo many of Kelly's recipes. Her blog is devoted to delicious, healthy food you're sure to love! Even though I don't count calories, for those of you that do, she provides not only nutritional information and weight watchers points, but serving sizes. Not just "100 calories for 1/4 of the recipe" but "100 calories for 1/2 cup." So far, I my favorites are chicken piccata, herb crusted pork chops, pork chops with balsamic peppers, and mini pumpkin swirl cheesecakes! 

Skinnytaste. I think Gina is some sort of healthy recipe wizard, because she is just too good at coming up with healthy yet yummy meals! Everyone in my family is absolutely obsessed with her healthy baked chicken nuggets. These things taste exactly like Tyson chicken nuggets, only 50x better for you! Seriously, I can't get enough of this blog. 

Fit Personality. This tumblog is awesome-Katy Grace is such a sweet, wonderful person! After going through a weight loss transformation, she created a blog all about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. However, she shows you how to make it really enjoyable! I love how she has said she "doesn't like labels" when it comes to being a vegetarian, vegan, etc, because I totally agree with her! Not to mention she goes to the University of Hawaii, and I'm insanely jealous ;)

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