Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dinner & a Sleepover

This year, I've started to notice somewhat of a pattern. I've made lots of friends and love spending time with them, but every so often there will be a lull and we'll go weeks without doing anything together outside of school. Then, something clicks and we realize just how long we've spent apart, and that brings on a string of constant sleepovers, movies, dinners, and everything else! I go from days of endlessly watching Netflix alone to desperately trying to squeeze in just one more friend into my already packed house. As a girl who loves spending time with friends but also needs her alone time, finding the balance can be pretty hard.
Anyways, lately I've found myself right in the middle of one of these strings of sleepovers, so per usual after school on Friday I piled into a car with 3 friends and headed out!

Our first stop was for frozen yogurt-we all have A-block lunch at 11:34 and school doesn't let out until 3:55, so we were all absolutely starving! No pictures here, since everyone downed theirs in a matter of minutes. We got to my friend Elena's house and did our fair share of small-talk and gossip before playing a few rounds of Just Dance-because what else are you going to do with a bunch of girls on a sugar rush?

Eventually our stomachs started rumbling again, so we opted to go to a local hibachi restaurant for dinner.
If you've never eaten hibachi, you're missing out on a very unique, very fun experience!

Basically, everyone sits around a massive table in a sort of semi-circle shape.
A very funny and friendly chef stands in the middle. He whips up each order individually on the hibachi grill, stopping occasionally to do some tricks with his spatula, flip bites of food into your mouth, and all sorts of other shenanigans! Meanwhile, you get to chow down on some traditional Japanese soup and salad.
Having a cute waiter is always a bonus ;). He kept us entertained with riddles while we waited for our food-kinda dorky, but very fun. We ended up giving him one to solve at the end of the meal...

"We're five little items of an everyday sort, you'll find us all in a tennis court"

I'll put the answer in the next blog post!

Anyways, we quickly gobbled up our food, giggling like little schoolgirls whenever our waiter came by (then again, we are schoolgirls, so we have an excuse).
At the end of the meal he gave each of us these little origami birds! I'd like to think he made them himself-he is in art school after all. After dinner, we posed in front of the restaurant for some obligatory girls-night-out group photos.

We then headed home to watch Mean Girls for the 5,000,000th time. That movie really never gets old. Of course, once we changed into our PJs we just had to take some more obligatory selfies (be warned-there's a lot)

Super sexy...and they all taken within a matter of 30 seconds, which is real talent. We're just that photogenic!

The next week was going to be foreign language week, so the rest of the weekend was dedicated to making my dish for the banquet on Monday. I'm taking French, and I get extra credit if I bring in food native to a French-speaking country, and the same goes to anyone who takes a foreign language. Then we all get to come to school Monday evening and have a proper feast! Foods from German, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, and French speaking countries, I cant wait! 

I have a passion for cooking (I cook dinner every night!) so I wanted to challenge myself for this one. I chose to make Haitian patties. They are a sort of puff-pastry native to Haiti (if you couldn't tell ;)). They are filled with a meat/tomato mixture and are absolutely delicious! They took 2 days to make since I made the puff pastry by hand, and that required a lot of rolling, folding, and chilling the dough! But Sunday afternoon, they were finally pulled out of the oven and man-oh-man were they good!

Don't those look yummy?? I'll be sure to post the recipe soon!

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