Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Point, President's Day

I know I'm just a little late uploading this one, since President's Day was last weekend, but better late than never, right?
...Anyways, usually my county gives us President's Day off. But on account of Snow-mageddon blasting through the east coast (we've only had 7 full days of school in 2014 so far), they decided to take away our beloved 3-day weekend. Then again, we had Thursday and Friday off for snow that week, so technically they just changed our 5-day weekend down to a 4-day. Such a shame.
The thing is that we'd already made plans. We were going to have a family reunion down in North Carolina, and couldn't just cancel it. Therefore I got to miss school Monday regardless, and had a lovely 6-day weekend.

Friday afternoon we picked up my cousin and began our 4-hour drive to Emerald Isle. Usually I can't stand car rides, but for some reason this one wasn't so bad! The sun had finally come out after 2+ weeks of straight clouds, making everyone just a little giddy.

Friday also happened to be Valentine's Day. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able celebrate much. Usually my mom, sister, and I load up on chocolate, decorate the house with hearts-do something to bring some color to this god-awful winter. But after stopping at Bojangles for a quick snack, we were all incredibly excited to unwrap our food and see this:
In honor of Valentine's Day, Bojangles made these deliciously heart-shaped biscuits! They were delicious, too! After arriving in Emerald Isle we were all a little tired from all that driving (I'm not sure why sitting in a car all day makes you so groggy), so we were treated to some delicious spaghetti before heading to bed.

The next day, some storms hit the island pretty early in the morning, but luckily we were all so tired that we slept straight through them. Something about laying in bed listening to thunder rumbling, waves crashing, and rain hitting the window screens makes you never want to get up! Eventually the rain cleared, and we decided to take a walk just as the last of the rain clouds passed overhead. As we were walking down the beach a small break in the clouds formed, and all of a sudden our little section of sand was illuminated in blinding sunlight, all while surrounded by dark storms. It was surreal-something about it was so mystical that I felt like we were on another planet entirely! I raced back to the cottage to get the camera, but by the time I came back the clouds has closed again. I did manage snap this picture a little later though:
Pretty cool, huh? 
We spent the rest of the morning lounging around watching Netflix and eating mega-stuffed Oreos, until we decided to take a trip down to the Point. The Point is at the northernmost tip of the island, where the beach rounds off at a little...point (hence the name;)). The entrance is nothing special....
But once you get over the hill you're in for an incredible sight 

Nothing but sand for miles-no houses, no people, and the wind was blowing steadily towards the sea. It was amazing, as always!

After a little wandering around, we decided to head back and get ready for dinner at one of the greatest restaurants I've ever been to- Tsunami's. I hope I can go back soon and dedicate an entire post to it, it's that good! Tsunami's is an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet. It's sketchy, it's run-down, the food is questionable, but man oh man is it heavenly. It's essentially a massive room filled with buffet tables piled high with every Chinese or Japanese food you can dream of. They have at least 10 different varieties of sushi, 15 varieties of chicken, there's egg rolls, dumplings, sashimi, and everything in between. They also have a massive salad bar and stir-fry station, where you pile your plate high and hand it to a hibachi chef behind the counter, where they cook it right in front of you! And to top it off, it's only $10 a person! If you're looking for high-end, fine dining from world-renowned chefs, don't go here. But if you want a all new experience of two-star buffet with 5-star food, take a risk and go for it! I haven't gotten food poisoning yet...;)
Everyone loaded up-and by that, I mean someone getting 4 plates was considered eating light. As for me, I lost count after 6. I wish I had pictures, but the food was just too good to photograph, we ate it so fast!

The next day we drove down to Wilmington for a family reunion. I would write more, but honestly that was probably the least-exciting part of the whole vacation, even if it was the whole point for taking it! 

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