Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sanibel Part II

The best thing about vacation for me is having absolutely no plans. I can't stand "vacations" where you have one activity here, another there, and everything is so go-go-go. I love being able to sit back, relax, and do whatever I want whenever I want, with no pressure to go anywhere. Here, the only thing we have to worry about is that breakfast closes at 10 (much too early for my taste), but even then we can just eat in the room if we oversleep!
The second-best thing about beach vacations is that no one cares what you look like. I love letting my hair turn into a knotty mess, wearing no makeup, and getting that freckly, semi-burnt, sun-kissed skin that most people make every effort to cover up. I love not being under pressure to look prim and proper and well-kept (a good thing, considering I didn't have any makeup or toiletries until 10pm last night). Even when going out to dinner, you can just throw on a nice shirt and you're good to go! And that's exactly what I did yesterday.
Everyone slowly rolled out of bed, making our way over to the inn's complimentary continental breakfast (hard-boiled eggs and fruit all the way!) Afterwards we spent the morning hunting for shells, but it was high-tide so there wasn't all too much to see. We did manage to collect a few pounds, though! But soon we got tired and returned to the cottage, where I did some blogging while everyone else lounged around. After a quick bite of lunch, we decided to hop in the car and explore the island a little bit. 
We stopped into an old, used bookstore called the Island Book Nook. Everyone in my family has a deep love for books and bookstores, but sadly not many people agree. It was incredibly upsetting to see a sign on the door, stating that they were going out of business soon. 
The shop was very cozy, with several shelves lining the room. It was owned by two women, and an adorably calm Jack Russell terrier named Shiloh. He sat in his chair all day, bravely guarding the door and doing some people-watching.
As we scanned the shelves, several people walked in to talk to the owners. They were all completely devastated that the shop was closing down, and it was clear that they'd all grown to love that little used bookstore. We made our purchases and left, but on the bright side we were given a coupon for free ice cream next door! That opportunity was too good to pass up, so we stopped by for a scoop before leaving. 

Now that low-tide was about to peak, we went back out to the beach to look for more shells.
Let's just say, I heard angels singing.
So. Many. Shells!

Look at that-that's a good 6 inches deep!

Absolutely incredible-that's the only way to describe it. 

After we collected our fair share of shells, we went home to review our haul from that morning

I'm tell myself I'm going to make something with them, but in all honesty I'm not very crafty and have no idea what'd I would make! 
Someone got very creative and decorated an old bush with their findings. I considered adding to it, but I'm selfish and couldn't bear to part with any of my shells! 

We stayed out shell-hunting until our legs hurt from crouching and our sunglasses were splattered with water. I headed back to shower, throw on a decent-looking blouse borrowed from my mom, and we went out to dinner at one of Sanibel's most popular restaurants, the Island Cow. It was there that I tried alligator for the first time, and it was incredibly delicious! Some people say it tastes like chicken,  but I'd compare it to popcorn shrimp. Very good! 

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