Friday, April 18, 2014

Sanibel Part III

4 days already??? It's Friday as I write this, and let me tell you: I am sunburnt, bug bitten, my hair's a rat's nest and my manicure is all but completely chipped off. But give it, I'm at the beach and that's all that matters! On Wednesday, we woke up to clouds and chilly temperatures. Since it definitely didn't seem like all too well of a beach day, we decided to hop in the car and drive over to one of the cute shops we'd had our eye on.
She Sells Sea Shells is an adorable little shell shop in Sanibel. We popped in, and were greeted with rows upon rows of shelves like these:
However, we'd found so many seashells on our own, we didn't really want to buy any, but luckily the store had several other crafts to look at, too.
It's Mr. Puff! (Spongebob reference)

Thankfully the sun came out that afternoon, so we spent a few hours sunbathing and enjoying the Florida weather! At one point we were visited by this guy, asking for food...

He finally got the hint that we didn't have anything to offer, and flew away. But soon afterwards, I looked out at the water and was convinced I'd spotted a fin sticking out. Sure enough, two dolphins were playing in the waves not even 20 feet from the shore! They splashed around for a little bit before swimming back out to sea-too quickly for me to get a picture. 
Eventually we decided to get up and look for shells, before going back to the cottage to survey our findings.
I feel like we robbed that poor beach! Turns out a few of them still had little critters living inside, so we quickly set those free in the water. 
Afterwards, we went out to dinner at Matzaluna, a local Italian restaurant. I had a 5-cheese artichoke pizza, and it was delicious! I definitely could go for some nice seafood though-we are in Sanibel after all!

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