Friday, April 18, 2014

Sanibel Part IV

It's Friday already, and we're leaving for Richmond tomorrow :(. Ususally I'd be wallowing in tears right now, but I've decided not to think about our approaching check-out, and instead just live in the moment and enjoy what time we have left!
Yesterday, Thursday, we woke up to a beautifully warm and sunny morning! After a quick breakfast, we pulled our beach chairs down to the sand and got right to sunbathing. I wish I had some pictures, but we literally spent out on the beach doing absolutely nothing interesting-a lot of reading and sleeping-but hey, I'm not complaining! To me, this is a vacation. We concluded the day with some shell-hunting. The tide was just beginning to recede, leaving behind piles and piles of conch shells! We scooped up all that we could find, and laid them out on the table back at the cottage.
You could say we're "conched" out (haha get it, like conked-out? So punny)

Anyways, we made it back just as a storm started coming, and sat on our screened porch to watch

At first it looked like the storm was just going to roll over us, but then it started quickly picking up...

After only a few minutes, we were all soaked! But the storm ended just as soon as it started, leaving behind a very pretty view.
I spy a rainbow!

The last of the rain stopped just in time for us to head over to Sanibel Fish House for dinner. I ordered the seared ahi tuna (by far one of my favorite dishes ever) and it definitely lived up to my expectations! I also tried the conch chowder (too tomato-ey for me), and the conch fritters (fantastic! Like a cross between calamari and a hush puppy). We then stopped at Dairy Queen, where I got a delicious limited-time-only birthday cake blizzard. Overall, a very satisfying day! 

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